ENTREPRENEUR OF THE WEEK: Fayoyiwa Samson Babajide, CEO, Emperor Media Consult

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1. Can I have your names? Fayoyiwa Samson Babajide

2. What is the name of your business and what are you into? Emperor Media Consult: we are into branding, mentorship, talent discovery, event management, as well as getting seasoned mic comperes for all manners of events, we are social informants, analysts and builders.

3. What is your designation? I mean can I call u a CEO or MD? A CEO

4. When did you start your business? 2008

5. What have you learnt on the business? The best product you have got is you, package it well and you would be amazed by the extent of your reach. Networking is the sole of business; its relevance cannot be overemphasized, meet people, keep and nourish relationships.

6. How did you get to where you are today? Through the help of God, the father of all endowments am so passion drunk that I am either into something with the entirety of my being or not involved at all, I practice self discipline and engage self denial in some aspects of life, diligence has helped me a lot too- getting priorities right, proper time management and risk analysis, focus and self belief have also been of immense help.

7. What were your challenged and how did you overcome them? Building trust, trust is about you, the promises you make per time, how soon such are fulfilled and also capacity expansion and management when projects/ tasks come in their bountiful folds, your culture of good blend of man management, foresight and risk management that culminate in competitive edge will be tested. Needless to state that the aforementioned gives your company its ‘image’ which is what social business is all about.

8. What are your future projections? To compere a national program by his grace ( preferably the national independence day celebration), speak to at least a thousand youth audience, be a life coach to at least a hundred youths from the six geopolitical zones, and the biggest of all- become a senator of the Federal Republic with like minded guys to make the Nigerian system work yet again.

9. And how do you intend achieving them? Networking properly with like minded individuals, to read more (readers are leaders), dream bigger per time (you become that which you picture and dream about by working diligently hard), be in synch with my mentors for guidance per time and remain sensitive to the need of the environment as I have always been. Above all, I will pray as if I have got no inherent gifts and abilities and pursue endlessly as if I never prayed (systemic doggedness)

10. Do you have any advice for younger entrepreneurs? Integrity is key, do not betray people’s trust, integrity cumulatively will give you more money than short corners will on the long run, and guess you what? Integrity affords you even immaterial benefits- people’s loyalty and implicit confidence in your being, people’s trust, large followership, immortality and peace of mind essential to enjoy affluence.

 Contact Babajide on 07030271341

•Sport writer/blogger • Media strategist •Good citizen of Nigeria and Social Media Evangelist and a core die hard Real Madrid fan.

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